Is Cellulite a sign Of an Unhealthy Body?

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Cellulite is fat that has received a bad reputation. It is not a sign of an unhealthy body. There are many misconceptions about cellulite.

Some websites will state that cellulite is caused by poor circulation and drainage in the body. They also state that cellulite is fat that has been damaged. To add credibility to their statements, they’ll also state that even female athletes show signs of cellulite.

All this is just confusing and makes women hate their bodies. This article aims to keep things simple.

Cellulite is fatCellulite is fat. That’s it. Fat that is stored in a unique way that results in its dimpled and not so pleasant appearance. That’s it.

Just like all fat in your body, it can be burnt off and you can reduce the amount of cellulite in your body.

To a certain extent, cellulite can be hereditary. Women with thinner skin will show more signs of cellulite since the fats will be more visible beneath the skin. Some women are also more predisposed to gaining fat.

That does not mean they are unhealthy. Just like any fat gain, they’re consuming more calories than they are expending. Reversing this state will result in fat loss and the reduction of cellulite.

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Cellulite looks different from normal fat because of the structure of the tissues that connect the skin to the underlying muscles. These bands are perpendicular in women and have pockets of fat storage.

Once these pockets are filled and continue to fill up with fat, the excess fat starts pushing upwards and is visible because the skin is thin. Yet, it is just fat.

Some people may say that cellulite is caused by toxin buildup. This to a certain extent is true because fat in the body tends to bind toxins so that you do not become sick.

However, toxins do not cause cellulite. Fat buildup does. Eliminate the fats and you eliminate the cellulite.

Another common fallacy is assuming that only overweight women have cellulite. Many slim women have cellulite too. So, if fat causes cellulite to appear, why do these women have cellulite?

Because, it is not a matter of weight. The all-important number is your body fat percentage. There are many women who see slim, yet they have low muscle mass and a high percentage of body fat.

In the fitness industry, this is known as “skinny fat”. So, even if you are slim but have a high body fat percentage, that fat is going to spill out of the spaces between your tissues and pop out as cellulite.

Cellulite is not a sign of poor health. If you eat a sensible diet, exercise regularly, consume collagen supplements and keep your skin supple and healthy, you’ll do more to banish cellulite than any cream or detox cleanse ever could.

Your health is affected by having fatty internal organs, poor stamina and other problems caused by a lack of exercise and a diet that is not wholesome.

Cellulite is a symptom of an underlying problem. It is not an issue in itself. Maintain discipline with your diet and exercise and the cellulite will slowly but surely disappear and become less visible.

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