What Causes Cellulite and How To Avoid It

There are a few differing opinions on what causes cellulite and what it is even in the first place. The reason for the differing opinions is usually associated with the huge sums of money involved in treating cellulite. It is estimated that women spend more than 12 million dollars a year on cellulite treatments alone.

First, we need to understand what causes cellulite and why only women seem to have it. The reason women have cellulite and men don’t, is the way the tissues beneath the skin are connected to the muscles.

Women have tissues that are perpendicularly connected while for a man, these tissues are connected in a crisscrossed diagonal manner. Since a woman’s tissues are perpendicular, there are many little pockets or chambers that become spaces to store fat.

A man has thicker skin than a woman. So, any fat that may protrude is not so visible. A woman’s skin is much thinner. Any fat that protrudes is highly visible.

To make matters worse, a woman’s skin loses its elastic nature as she ages. The skin becomes thinner and harder.

Any fat beneath the skin becomes even more visible. That is why women show more signs of cellulite as they age.

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There is one group of people who say that cellulite is nothing more than fat. Cellulite can be eradicated if you adopt a healthy diet and make exercise a part of your daily lifestyle.

The other group says that cellulite is the result of accumulated toxins and water retention. This is what causes the lumpy, dimpled, ‘cottage cheese’ appearance.

By flushing out the excess toxins the cellulite can be eradicated. Of course, this can be achieved by using cellulite creams, going for special cellulite massages, consuming special cellulite banishing supplements, etc.

So, who is correct?

The answer is obvious. The ones that do not make any money out of it. Eating right and exercise will not cost you any extra money.

Of course, your diet choices may change and you might sign up for a gym membership, but that is not directly related to cellulite removal. It is for your well-being.

Cellulite creams, massages and all the other special methods are just designed to rip you off. Almost all of them are a waste of money and barely produce any results that are long lasting.

There may be a lot of glamorous marketing, late night infomercials and promising testimonials. Yet, they do not deliver.

There is no glamour in eating a healthy low fat diet. There is no glamour in running and exercising till you are breathless and sweating profusely.

However, these are the only two ways you will shed the fat stores beneath your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Now, to a certain extent, cellulite is hereditary. Some women have thinner skin and gain weight more easily. However, any woman will see a marked improvement by reducing her body fat percentage.

Fat stores, when visible, appear as cellulite. Reduce fat stores and cellulite disappears. Simple.

That’s how you avoid cellulite. No need for special scientific creams or lymphatic massages or any other weird treatment methods.

Exercise and a healthy diet resulting in a low body fat percentage will make cellulite disappear. That’s it. Let’s keep it simple.

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